About Us

Agile Timber is shaping the future for global supply of timber. We eliminate risk, guarantee quality & ensure your supply chain is smarter & safer.

Secure Supply Chain

Our timber is strategically sourced from Canada, the world’s leader in sustainable forest management. Covering 347 million hectares, Canada’s forests comprise nearly 9% of the world’s total forested land, and Canada is the international leader in forest certification.

Our supply chain team are based in British Columbia and network with our global team of timber experts to successfully delivery timber to Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.


Our forests are a fragile gift, at Agile Timber we are committed to the principals of responsibility and Sustainability.  We are promoting wood as the sustainable building material of the future. British Columbia has the worlds toughest regulations for the forestry industry and in adherence our wood is PEFC certified. We don’t see this as a challenge, but rather an opportunity to lead the path in sustainable harvesting and processing through effective stewardship and forest management practices.